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2011; Active Customers; Non-compensated

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate your product. I was given a sample of AloeSense toothpaste by my periodontist after suffering from sore, red and swollen gums. I was told that using harsh chemicals in my regular toothpaste was the problem. Two days after using AloeSense my symptoms were gone. I’m a firm believer. I’ve used AloeSense for three years now. Thanks for your great product.

– Carrie G., Leedy, OK

This is the best toothpaste ever. I’ve had sensitive teeth and gums for at least 20 years. I used the leading sensitive brand for many years, then my present dentist recommended AloeSense six years ago. My gums and teeth are fine now! Once I went on a vacation and forgot my toothpaste, used a friend’s for a week, and it took about a month after returning home for my gums to get back to normal. Try AloeSense for yourself; you won’t be sorry. Great product!

– Jill C., Macon, GA

I developed very sensitive teeth more than 20 years ago – mostly a result of tiny hairline cracks in my tooth enamel. I tried the leading sensitive brand and found it did not help. I decided to try AloeSense. It was expensive, but it worked. The relief was wonderful, and I have continued to be a happy customer ever since.

– Bonnie B., Atlanta, GA

I can feel AloeSense working while I’m brushing my teeth and gums; it relieves minor pain. My teeth and gums actually feel stronger after brushing. I am very happy and satisfied using this product.

– Gerald C., Oconomowac, WI

I have truly been satisfied with AloeSense. Since I suffer from Sjogren’s Syndrome, it’s been very helpful. No other toothpaste has been so effective to soothe my mouth. The dryness [from my condition] can really take a toll on the skin and teeth. Other toothpastes were irritating. Thank you!

– Alicia B., Napa, CA

When I started using this toothpaste, I could not eat or drink anything with acid in it, such as oranges, pickles or lemonade. Now I can eat and drink anything I want thanks to AloeSense.

– Kathryn K., Roswell, NM

My nephew used AloeSense for a good length of time and found he no longer had an ongoing problem with his teeth. He told me about it, so I purchased some. I have had gum problems and lots of tartar. For over 20 years I had to have my teeth cleaned four times a year. After using AloeSense for a few months, I no longer have the problems with my teeth or gums, and I only have to go twice a year for cleanings.

– Rosalie T., Westfield, MA

About 10 years ago, my gums started to hurt. I tried toothpaste for sensitive teeth, and that made my gums worse. As soon as I started using AloeSense, my mouth was happy. I have been ordering it every since. My mom and my receptionist use it and love it too.

– Bonnie T., Spring Grove, IL

As a young person, I had an issue with my gums…but since using AloeSense I have never had that problem again. I like the texture and taste of the toothpaste. It is my favorite and the only toothpaste that I use.

– Nancy D., The Villages, FL

I started with AloeSense because my gums couldn’t handle the abrasiveness or flavors of regular toothpaste. My dentists have been happy with my teeth and gums, which do better on AloeSense. I’m also happy the travel size is available. I’m looking forward to taking it on my trip in June. Thanks for a great product.

– Barbara R., San Lorenzo, CA

I’m 73 years old and had crooked teeth as a child that resulted in gum pockets, which developed into gum disease. Starting in my late 20s I had multiple surgeries on my gums, and my dentist eventually recommended AloeSense to help with the sensitivity. I have been using it faithfully ever since.

– Carol L., Daytona Beach, FL

I have been using AloeSense toothpaste for many years, recommended by my dental hygienist for my particularly resistant teeth sensitivity problems. AloeSense is the only product that has been able to conquer the severity of my teeth sensitivity.

– Christine S., South Bend, IN

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