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Mouth Sensitivity Afflicts the Majority of Americans

Many painful problems can affect the soft tissues throughout the mouth. An estimated 74% of Americans suffer from gingivitis – inflammation of the gums that can result in pain and bleeding. Other common problems include cold sores or fever blisters, canker sores and oversensitive mouths caused by chemotherapy/radiation treatment, tobacco use and even pregnancy.

Dental procedures like surgery and root canals, as well as devices such as braces, oral implants, crowns and bridges may also cause painful mouth irritation.

Beware of Ingredients That May Be In Your Toothpaste

Sensitivity Toothpastes

The majority of sensitivity toothpastes contain potassium nitrate, also known as saltpeter. This ingredient is used in toothpaste to help reduce tooth sensitivity. To protect consumers, the FDA requires a “4-week-use” warning label on every retail toothpaste package containing potassium nitrate.

Potassium nitrate (KN03) is also used as a component in:

  • Rocket fuel,
  • Fireworks,
  • Gun powder,
  • Fertilizer,
  • High blood pressure medication.

Tartar Control and Whitening Toothpastes

Active ingredients common in many leading toothpastes can actually irritate mouths, leading to oral sensitivity.

  • Peroxide can irritate soft tissues.
  • Tartar-controlling pyrophosphates can cause pain in your mouth.
  • Parabens are becoming increasingly controversial for potential health side effects.
  • Alcohols can contribute to dry mouth and may be an undesirable ingredient for many consumers.
  • Colorings and additives are often used to cover unappealing qualities in toothpastes.

AloeSense® uses NONE of these harsh, potentially harmful ingredients in its products. Instead, its naturally soothing formula has a refreshing mint flavor and offers overall daily protection with gentle ingredients. AloeSense has earned the American Dental Association® Seal of Acceptance, and many satisfied customers have happily used AloeSense for years!

The Soothing Science Behind AloeSense® Toothpaste

AloeSense® Toothpaste is the first and only clinically-proven fluoride toothpaste to offer the naturally soothing benefits of aloe and allantoin. The gentle, soothing AloeSense formula has a fresh mint flavor and is safe and effective for the whole family to use every day. AloeSense has earned the American Dental Association® Seal of Acceptance and is a healthy alternative to ordinary toothpastes, many of which contain harsh, irritating ingredients and unnecessary chemical additives.


Aloe has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties. This amazing plant can help soothe minor pain and irritation and is prized for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and moisturizing benefits. Aloe vera gel has long been featured in topical skincare, beauty and cosmetic products.

AloeSense Toothpaste uses this amazing natural ingredient to help people with sensitivity. AloeSense soothes and comforts minor irritations, making it the natural solution for people with pain and discomfort.

For more information on aloe, see the Academy of General Dentistry study on aloe for dentistry


Allantoin has been approved by the FDA for use as a skin protectant. It is an important part of the soothing AloeSense formula that gently calms irritation and can help relieve dryness. Along with aloe and fluoride, allantoin helps promote an overall healthy and refreshed mouth.

For more information on allantoin see the allantoin brochure.


AloeSense contains fluoride and is clinically proven to fight cavities and prevent tooth decay.

* AloeSense is the only ADA accepted fluoride toothpaste with aloe and allantoin.