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Q: How does aloe affect the taste of AloeSense?

A: AloeSense has a light and refreshing Fresh Mint taste, with no overpowering flavors. While aloe is crucial to our soothing formula, it does not affect the flavor.

Q: Where can I buy AloeSense Toothpaste?

A: AloeSense toothpaste is currently available for purchase at, at many retail and pharmacy stores, and at professional dentist offices across the country. Please give us a call at toll free 866.873.7426 and a customer representative will direct you to the nearest location or we are always happy to ship directly to you.

Q: Does AloeSense Toothpaste protect my teeth as well as regular toothpaste?

A: AloeSense contains clinically-proven fluoride, which is the active ingredient in most toothpastes that protects against tooth decay and cavities. When used as directed, AloeSense is a smart choice for keeping teeth healthy and clean. While our formula does not contain peroxides or tartar control ingredients found in other toothpastes, that is for a good reason. Those ingredients can be harsh on the soft tissues in the mouth, causing irritation and sensitivity. Our formula is naturally soothing and non-irritating, and dental professionals across the country agree that AloeSense is an ideal choice for maintaining strong and healthy teeth.

Q: What is allantoin?

A: Allantoin is a safe, naturally-occuring compound, widely used for its beneficial moisturizing properties and its anti-irritation benefits. The FDA has approved its use as a skin protectant, and it plays a key role in AloeSense's soothing formula.

Q: Is AloeSense Toothpaste safe to use every day?

A: Yes. AloeSense is a clinically-proven fluoride toothpaste specifically formulated for daily use. Unlike some sensitivity products that contain potassium nitrate (KNO3) and carry a 4-week-use warning label, AloeSense is naturally soothing and is therefore safe to use every time you brush your teeth. Many of our customers have been happily using the product for decades.

Q: What does the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance mean for your toothpaste?

A: If a product carries the ADA Seal of Acceptance, it has been rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness. Dental professionals and consumers both know that they can trust a product that has earned the Seal of Acceptance. AloeSense is the only toothpaste containing aloe and allantoin that has earned the Seal of Acceptance.