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About AloeSense®

Optimal Healthcare Products, LLC, manufactures and distributes the AloeSense® brand of premium oral health and wellness products nationwide. AloeSense´s innovative, naturally soothing formulas were developed in the 1980s. Since then, they have delivered a level of comfort unmatched by ordinary fluoride and sensitivity toothpastes. In the 1990s, AloeSense was awarded the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance after completing extensive clinical studies on fluoride efficacy, and it remains the only fluoride toothpaste containing aloe and allantoin to earn this important Seal.

AloeSense´s formulas have long been embraced and recommended by thoughtful dental and healthcare professionals seeking a better choice for their oral sensitivity patients. In 2005, an innovative study was published by the Academy of General Dentistry™ peer-reviewed journal, entitled "Aloe Vera Gel: Update for Dentistry."

This report highlighted the oral care benefits of aloe vera gel, reinforcing the science behind AloeSense´s soothing products.

AloeSense is proud of our commitment to creating earth-friendly products and following socially responsible community practices. Our customers can feel confident knowing that our products only feature ingredients of the highest quality.

  • IMO Certified Fair Trade Aloe
  • No artificial colors, alcohols, peroxides, parabens, sugars or potassium nitrates
  • ADA Seal of Acceptance (Clinical Studies)

AloeSense´s unique attributes are desired by 120 million aging consumers and a fast-growing market focused on health and wellness. Today´s mainstream brands, including both daily use and sensitivity toothpastes, are often characterized by consumers as "too abrasive," "too irritating" and containing "too many unnecessary chemicals."

Our customers are thrilled to find a more natural alternative that soothes and protects without unnecessary chemicals and additives. They typically used a mainstream brand before trying the unique AloeSense formula, after which they remain loyal customers for life.